turn this place in a magic spot for surfers all over the word, where the wildlife it's still on and where you can still breath the rural atmosphere of a Costa Rica's village. But not only surfers...you can also enjoy the chill out lifestyle of Santa Teresa village, with your partner, at rasonable price.


Tropical Pasta is in the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, just few km from the Natural Reserve of Cabo Blanco, in the village of Santa Teresa, 100 m north from Roonye's supermarket.

  • BY BUS

    We advise to take the direct bus from San Jose to Mal Pais. It's a private company, the name is Hermanos Rodriguez, the price is about 15$. The bus Station in San Jose is called Terminal  San Carlos.    The leaving time are around 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. (the schedule change frequently). Once in Puntarenas take off from the bus and take Ferry, after 1 h and half of riding you arrive at Paquera. Go back to the bus till Santa Teresa . Ask for Super Ronni’s stop, get out from the bus, walk 100 m north and you get it!

  • BY CAR

    Drive from San Jose or the International Airport to Puntarenas by the new highway in Caldera direction. In Puntarenas drive to the end of the road till the Ferry. The Ferry is leaving every 2/3 h., be sure to board the Paquera's Ferry. The price is about 1,5$  for person and 20$ for a car. The ferry ride approximately 1,5 h. Once in Paquera, drive along the main road in south direction, through the town of Tambor and than straight to Cobano. After Cobano start the gravel road. Drive down till to arrive at the famous cross. Turn right and after the first small bridge (300 mt) you get it!


    The national company is called Nature Air.

    You have to book online or in a tourist office. The landing airport is in Tambor. Get a taxi till the airport, after 40 minutes of flying you arrive in Tambor.

    Once there wait for the bus or get a taxi till Mal Pais for 60/70 $





5 double rooms with shared bathroom

1  room with private bath (up to 4 people)

1 small appartment (up to 5 people)

shared kitchen

barbecue area

chill area with hammoks and sofas


WI-FI 24 hours


Surfboard Rental

Buy and sell second hand surfboards

Ding repair

Quads rental

Bike ranting







$ 28

$40 double

+ $10 every extra person

$40 double

+ $10 every extra person



$ 24

$35 double

+ $10 every extra person

$35 double

+ $10 every extra person



$ 35

$60 double

+ $10 every extra person

$60 double

+ $10 every extra person



Playa Carmen

Continue straight on at the crossroads to the beach and you'll see the peak right in front of you. A long right wall and shorter section left break over a gradually sloping sand bottom. Funny the ShoreBreak with high tide.


Santa Teresa

 Turn right at the crossroads and continue 3 km. To "Bar la Lora Amarilla" and turn down to the beach. Santa Teresa tends to pick up more swell than El Carmen and holds shape better at low tide.


Playa Hermosa

next beach north from Santa Teresa, and even less crowded. Peaks all along the palm lined beach.


(+506)  83457746

(+506) 26400931







(+506)  26400931

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